Penpower EZ Handwriter
隨行蒙恬筆(for Win)

EZ Handwriter 

MSRP: $129.95


Product Overview

EZ Handwriter is a cutting edge handwriting product in the world. No software installation is needed, you can just plug and write. Handwriting makes your documents inputting and editing easy and simple. It makes you enjoy digital life with a single stylus and pad.

Product Feature

  • Easy to plug and write

    No need to install EZ Handwriter in any computer. All you need to do is plug the EZ Handwriter into the computer and then you can use it right away. Its simple design with thin appearance is easy for you to carry.

  • Asia all-in-one package

    Recognize over 23,000 traditional and simplified Chinese characters, 4941 special Hong Kong characters, English letters, symbols, numbers, Japanese Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana and Korean characters.

  • Cursive writing and artificial intelligence recognition kernel

    No particular stroke order is required. Capable of recognizing extremely cursive handwriting accurately. Highly adaptable to the uniqueness of your handwriting and can be used as a personal handwriting system.

  • Efficient assistance

    Combining with many functions, such as pre-related and post-related characters, and punctuation symbol, drastically improving your inputting speed of Chinese text.

  • Multi-function Pen

    You can use pen as mouse to click and enter with simple operation.

  • Handwriting annotation

    Your handwriting annotation can be overlapped with the WORD or EXCEL document to keep their related position to avoid ruining the document format.

  • Inking on MSN messenger

    If you have MSN Messenger 6.1 or above installed, you can transmit handwriting and hand-drawn graphics on MSN Messenger for that extra personal touch.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10

Hardware Specifications

  • Handwriting pad
  • Pen
  • USB cable
  • Pen tips removal tool